25/07/2016 16:44 BST

Women Explain Why Men Are Really Missing Out By Not Being Female

Ovaries for the win.

The gender pay gap and sexual inequality can make being a woman a pretty unattractive prospect.

Then there’s the bleeding once a month and having to push a baby out of your vagina after nine months of carrying it around with you.

But we’re not going to let that keep us down. 

Instead, a group of women have taken to Reddit to discuss all the feminine things that men are totally missing out on:

No Knickers With Maxi Skirts

“You’re all covered up, but you’re out in public NOT WEARING ANY PANTS. You get a nice breeze flowing around everything, with pretty much no risk of any of your bits showing. I can’t stress enough how great it is.”

- ItsYael

Hair Stroking

“Girls who really care for each other are so affectionate. have a bad day? Cry in front of some nice girls and its like being a kid again. “Ohhh its okay sweetie. shhhh.” strokes hair”

- RedHotJillyPepper

Drunk Girls In Toilets

“Drunk girls are real life Disney princesses. So loving and amazing. Even girls I dislike are absolutely delightful when we’re both drunk.”

- overlordKLM

Shaved Legs In Fresh Sheets

“That soft feeling of shaving your legs and putting on silk pajamas. feels good man.”

- vampirecafeinomane

“It’s such an awesome feeling having the legs run together, I describe it like two Dolphins dancing with each other.”

- Fooledyou


 Matching Underwear

“Feeling like a sexy ninja when your bra and panties happen to match.”

- Daffion

Shower Mermaid

“Mermaid hair in the shower. This is when you wet your hair and use it to cover your nips and you look like a mermaid. Also boobs floating in the bath is pretty swell.”

- VladimrsPoutine

Playing With Boobs

“How fun boobs are to play with in the shower. Not even in a sexual way, it’s just funny in principle - they’re just there so I may as well find a bright side to it all.”

- Dangerpossum

 Make Up

“Makeup... Sometimes it just gives you a nice little boost of confidence.”

- Mahimah

Not Justifying Being Emotional

“Actually being close with your friends without having to interrupt with ‘no homo’ or put the prefix ‘bro-’ in front an activity. AKA constantly concerned with masculinity.”

- realtobycrow

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