Child Ate What He Thought Was A Baby Carrot, Instantly Regretted It


It’s an uphill battle for most parents trying to get your child to try new foods, especially vegetables.

But this toddler took a leap of faith and decided to try out a ‘baby carrot’ without checking with mum first.

What the three-year-old had actually come across was a red Thai chilli, which he proceeded to take a bite out of. Ouch.

His mum posted a picture of the offending item to Reddit, with the caption: “On the upside, he is well hydrated now.”

Other parents shared their own spicy stories, nickcageisawoman said: “When my stepson was three he nabbed a jalapeño slice from my burger. His mum was going to stop him but I said: ‘Nah bud, it’s a special pickle, take a bite’. He hasn’t trusted me since.”

We don’t envy the toilet situation that mum will be dealing with in 24 hours.