Parents Share Their Child's Most Stupid Moment

'He superglued his finger to his scrotum'.

As clever as our children are, we do have moments that truly make us wonder what they are taught at school.

Now these Reddit parents are revealing the moment they really thought ‘wow my child is dumb’.

1. The One With Memory Loss

“Just today. My 5 year old insisted on getting the chapter book adaptation of Finding Dory so of course I have to read it. Every thirty seconds. ‘Who’s Hank? Who’s Destiny?’. It’s like reading Dory her own biography.”

2. The One With Toilet Troubles

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3. The One With Spacial Awareness Issues

“My son tries to go through the kitchen doorway with the broom sideways and gets extremely upset because it won’t fit, I find that hilarious. Jesus christ, kid. Even the dog has worked that one out...”

4. The One With The Oven

“One of my significant other’s kids is extremely difficult to keep alive. I was cleaning the bathroom with diluted bleach in a bucket, this little adorable shit came by with a straw and started slurping it out of the bucket. I jammed my fingers down her throat to make her vomit, went to the hospital, and had to get her stomach pumped. A few days later she tried to nap in the oven with her pillow and favourite teddy bear. I think I’m going to start duct taping her to the wall for her own safety.”

5. The One With The Superglue

“My 16 (yes, sixteen) year old son decided to test the strength of superglue by gluing his finger to his scrotum.”

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6. The One With The Wall

“When my first was about one and a half years old, she was starting to learn to run around. Our main hall has a little twist at the end, almost like a Y splitting off to two rooms. She runs, full speed, straight into the corner between the doors, resulting in a loud ‘thonk’ as she falls flat on her back, gets up, and runs off again, straight into the wall.”

7. The One With The Bag

“Trick or Treating with my daughter: ‘’Daddy I can’t find my candy bag.’ ‘It’s slung over your shoulder sweetie’.”

8. The One With The Burger

“Tonight my kid asked what a bacon cheeseburger is, she is 11.”