8 Popular Opinions That Were Absurd 20 Years Ago

'There is a terrorist group worse than al Qaeda.'

A lot has changed in the last 20 years - mobile phones, the internet, Donald Trump's hair... oh, maybe not.

So it's no surprise that what was once deemed pretty sensible popular opinion, now in hindsight looks a little short-sighted.

A recent Reddit thread sought to highlight some of the finer examples...

1) Online Dating

WIN-Initiative via Getty Images

The Proof

2) Terrorism

The Proof

3) 'Odd' career choices

The Proof

4) Gay Marriage

The Proof

5) The Trump

The Proof (well, kind of)

6) Pluto

The Proof

7) Office Stationery

The Proof

8) The Media

The Proof (erm... the jury is still out)

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