These Could Be Completely Harmless But Totally Maddening Computer Viruses

Our eye is twitching just thinking about them.

There’s nothing quite like a holiday to get the creative juices flowing. Over at Reddit, a bunch of users have been pondering what would make a really infuriating but totally harmless computer virus. Bid farewell to your Christmas cheer right about now.

1. Constant echoing.

“Whatever video/youtube/movie/game you play - the sound will always be slightly asynchron.”

2. Typos, everywhere.

“Changes between QWERTY and DVORAK layouts every time the spacebar is pressed.”

“All keystrokes and mouse clicks fail 1% of the time.”

Michael Blann via Getty Images

3. Want to right click? Computer says no.

“The virus will occasionally cause your right click to register as a left click when right clicking on a link.”

4. Imprecise mouse movements.

“Whenever you stop moving the mouse, it adjusts the sensitivity. Sometimes it turns on/off acceleration.”

“Your cursor is now a few pixels off of where it will click.”

5. Dialup-speed broadband.

“Asks for confirmation of every file download from the internet ( Average website will download upwards of 20 files per page load).”

6. A wilting cursor.

“Your mouse is a flower that leaves a stream of petals as you move it. Every time a new screen has to load (or just one small thing on your screen changes) a curtain of flowers comes falling down your screen. Music you can’t turn off plays.”

Luca Teuchmann via Getty Images

7. Accidental tributes to Rick Astley.

“Random links become Rick Roll.”

“Every key press plays one syllable/note of Never Gonna Give You Up.”


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