They warned there's been a considerable rise in burglaries occurring while people are away on holiday.
The prime minister said the government would do “whatever it takes” to keep the country safe.
From that video doorbell you've been meaning to buy to compact security cameras and all the locks.
WhatsApp has fixed a security glitch after concerns hackers could inject surveillance software on to phones via the call function. There were fears it targeted human rights campaigners. The app said the breach hit only a “select number of users” and released a software update on 13 May.
Fourteen-year-old Grant Thompson stumbled on a major security flaw in Apple FaceTime's app as he tried to call his friends one evening. His mother got in touch with the tech giant straightaway, but Apple has taken about a week to deal with what has become known as the Eavesdropping Bug.
Even if you just search for something, Google's tracking your location.
'No-one voted to undermine our security.'