Remember When Ed Miliband Asked George Osborne If His Budget Made Him Richer

Spoiler alert: It did.

George Osborne yesterday revealed he had benefited from his 2012 cut in the top rate of tax.

The chancellor released details of his tax return which showed he earned £198,738 last year.

In his March 2012 Budget, Osborne reduced the tax on earnings over £150,000 from 50p to 45p.

Responding to the Budget in the Commons at the time, Ed Miliband directly challenged Conservative ministers over whether they benefited personally from the cut in the top rate of tax.

"Let's have some income tax transparency. Hands up in the cabinet if you are going to benefit from the income tax cut," he said, pointing at the Tory frontbench.

Miliband accused Osborne of cutting taxes for richer people on his "Christmas card list".

Osborne's tax return details show he saved around £2,500 last year from the cahnge.