This Astonishing 'SkinGun' Sprays New Skin Onto Burns And Heals Them

Science fiction just became science fact.

A company in New York is developing groundbreaking technology that could transform the way severe burns and scars are treated.

RenovaCare, who build medical grade liquid spray devices, have just released promising results from their latest clinical trials of The SkinGun.


On the NHS, serious burns are often treated with laser therapy, radiotherapy, or skin needling, the results of which “vary considerably”, according to official advice. Not to mention these options require lengthy periods in hospital, return visits, and are invasive procedures.

But the SkinGun, which lightly sprays the patient’s own stem cells on to the surface of the burn - prompting it to regenerate and grow organically - only takes 90 minutes for the entire procedure.

It also causes no scarring and avoids the need for invasive surgery, or lengthy stays in hospital.


The patient is required to give a small sample of skin, to extract the necessary stem cells, and within a few short days they are able to have the procedure.

Trials have shown that the cells sprayed on to the damaged surface, maintained 97.3% viability (essential for regenerating skin) and the subsequent growth was comparable to that achieved with a pipette – the industry’s gold standard for the deposition of cells.

Thomas Bold, President and CEO, said: “Study results provide pre-clinical support for our methodology for first isolating keratinocytes from skin samples, and subsequently achieving even and gentle spray application without harming these powerful yet delicate cells.”

The painless treatment is currently being used to help US army veterans, who have suffered with extreme burns, but it is currently not for sale to medical facilities in the country.

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