The Most Ridiculous Complaints Made In UK Restaurants

Stay at home.

As Brits we like to think of ourselves as polite, not prone to kicking up a fuss and able to put our heads down and plough onwards in the face of adversity.

But it seems as we become a nation of self-professed foodies, we are not afraid to say when our avocado isn’t quite up to scratch, as a survey from Open Table revealed 60% of Brits will complain in restaurants if needed.

But 44% of us still shy away from saying something for fear of having our food messed with.

Although, who could blame them, when some of us are saying stuff like this.

1. “The colour of the plate clashed with the salad. It’s not Instagram worthy enough.”

2. “My lettuce was too green.”

3. “The carrots weren’t sliced evenly.”

4. “I sent the fish back because it was ‘staring’ at me.”

5. “I sent the chicken back as I’d asked for it medium rare.”

6. “The water jug is too full.”