12/09/2017 11:34 BST | Updated 13/09/2017 08:45 BST

Backwards Eyeliner Is Set To Trend, Because The Wing Is Not Enough

2017 is getting so extra.

At first this might seem like a totally normally (if not exceptionally well executed) cat eye wing, but look a little closer and everything is not as it seems.

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Romanian makeup artist Dahlia, AKA Dahlia Creates, decided to experiment with drawing her cat eye flick on the inside of her eye, pointing towards her nose.

And TBH it looks amazing.

In fact it looks so damn good that other people have been inspired to try out the look as well, and we’re so on board.

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If you’re still struggling with the basic flick, take advice from Nina Leykind, founder of Eyeko beauty brand, who wrote in a blog for HuffPost UK that mastering the perfect cat eye is all about choosing the correct eyeliner and mastering your technique.

She said: “Just thicken up the line, take your time and don’t attempt this in one stroke. Even the pro’s have a dot-dot-dash technique gently teasing the line into the perfect cat eye.”