Richard Madeley Angrily 'Terminates' Live TV Interview With Gavin Williamson

'Do you regret telling Russia to shut up and go away?'

Gavin Williamson has had a live TV interview cut short after he refused to say whether regretted telling Russia to “shut up and go away”.

The defence secretary frustrated Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley on Tuesday morning for failing to answer five times.

“It would be helpful if you answered a straight question with a straight answer,” Madeley said.

“Do you regret telling Russia to shut up and go away? Mr Williamson, please answer the question.

“You’re not going to answer are you? Alright. Interview terminated. Because you won’t answer the question.”

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Williamson had responded to Madeley’s repeated question by instead detailing the events in Sailsbury and the international response.

In the wake of the nerve agent attack, Williamson told a press conference “frankly, Russia should go away and shut up”.

After booting the defence secretary off the air, Madeley asked viewers: “What are they like? What are these politicians like? You give them a straight question.”

Williamson was speaking to Madeley from the West Midland Safari Park. During the spat an elephant casually wandered behind the defence secretary.

The British Army is to launch a new initiative to crack down on poaching and Williamson had hoped to promote the programme during the interview.


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