30 Ridiculous Daytime TV Moments You Missed While At Work In 2018

These shows make us want to pull a sickie every day.

Daytime TV is forever turning out some of the most surreal things on the box, and 2018 was absolutely no different.

But with many of us at work when they are on, chances are you might have missed them, so here’s a comprehensive list on the ridiculous gems ‘This Morning’, ‘Loose Women’ et al served up this year...

1. When Alison Hammond accidentally pushed a man into the Albert Dock

2. When ‘This Morning’ not only debated this issue, but Lizzie Cundy claimed it was acceptable on national television


3. When Brendan Blethyn’s dog could not control his urges

4. When Big Narstie presented the most surreal weather forecast ever

5. When things turned sour between former ‘This Morning’ co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton live on air

6. Although not quite as sour as the row between Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn on ‘Loose Women’

7. When Alison Hammond looked scared for her life as she rode the tiniest and least frightening rollercoaster ever

8. When Piers Morgan played kiss-chase with Janet Street Porter. Yuck.

9. When Piers Morgan got his just desserts courtesy of Harry Hill

10. When ‘This Morning’ welcomed Kim Jong-Um into the studio

11. When Piers Morgan tried to embarrass Hayley from ‘Love Island’ but ended up with egg on his face

12. When ‘This Morning’ dedicated a whole segment of the show to this


13. When Janet Street Porter’s bowel movements (or indeed lack of) became a topic of conversation for the ‘Loose Women’ panel

14. When Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield met Britain’s sexiest cow

15. When someone didn’t think about how Prince Harry’s face (or more specifically, beard) would look like on a swimsuit on TV


16. When ‘Loose Women’ debuted the Ruth Langsford sex doll

17. When this was spelt out on ‘Countdown’

Channel 4

18. And this...

Channel 4

19. And, um, this...

Channel 4

20. When this was a strap line on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’

21. When Tony the Pony made a cameo appearance on ‘Judge Rinder’

22. When someone came up with this genius title for Vanessa Feltz’s ‘This Morning’ phone-in


23. When this ‘This Morning’ caller reduced Holly and Phil to hysterics with her bag of ‘merchandise’

24. When no-one was quite sure what Schofe was stroking

25. When Coleen Nolan transformed into an actual pig in a blanket

26. When This Morning’s singing donkey refused to co-operate

27. When Mr Blobby spoke a lot of sense about Brexit


28. When a BBC Breakfast reporter came a cropper while interviewing a swimming team in a pool

29. When someone called into ‘The Wright Stuff’ to call Anne Diamond a ‘c***’ live on air

30. And of course, there was Ainsley Harriot scaring the living daylights out of a poor pensioner called Jill

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