23/05/2017 11:54 BST

Rihanna And Lupita Nyong’o Are Making Twitter’s Dreams Come True With Buddy Movie Directed By Ava Duvernay


Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o are set to make all of our dreams come, by starring in a movie that was literally pitched by a fan on social media.

At first glance, the story appears to have began back in April when a Twitter user shared the joke below, using a picture of the pair at a 2014 fashion show:

Fast forward a month, and it looks like Netflix is actually going to make the film, with Oscar nominee Ava Duvernay directing it. 

And while this is obviously cause for celebration, as many fans have pointed out, the joke pitch was actually the idea of a Tumblr user who first made the same joke two years ago: 

While the streaming service are yet to address reports, which began circulating on Monday (22 May), Ava responded to the news on Twitter, writing: “We deserve nice things.”

Amen, Ava. Amen.

When the initial tweet began to gain popularity, RiRi and Lupita both stated they liked the idea, and the latter wrote: “I’m down if you are.”

Rihanna then delighted fans by replying: “I’m in Pit’z.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix won the rights to the film after an “aggressive bidding war”.

Issa Rae, who penned TV series ‘Insecure’, is tipped going to write the script, with production believed to be starting early next year.

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