29/06/2017 12:04 BST

Rihanna's Beef With Naomi Campbell Reportedly Started Over Her New Man


By now, you may well have seen photos of Rihanna cavorting in Spain with her rumoured new man.

Well, his identity has been revealed, and it turns out he may well be responsible for Rihanna’s alleged fallout with Naomi Campbell.

Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

The man in question is Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, who is thought to have dated Naomi last year.

Naomi and Hassan split after a brief romance, but she then also unfollowed Rihanna on social media, despite the two having been full of praise for each other prior to this.

An insider told The Sun: “No one knows exactly what went on between Naomi and Hassan but she certainly doesn’t like being second best.”

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff via Getty Images
Naomi Campbell

The supermodel was quizzed about her rumoured “beef” with Rihanna during an interview on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ back in March, and while she insisted at the time “everything is fine”, the smirk that came shortly afterwards gave away that this perhaps wasn’t the case.

As the studio audience laughed along, Naomi then told presenter Andy Cohen: “I’m an actress now, Andy.”

When he tried to draw out what the “beef” could have been rooted in, Naomi quickly had a change of heart, insisting: “I don’t have beef. I don’t have beef especially with black women who are powerful and out there. We’re all in the same thing, doing the same struggle.”

Prior to this, the two stars’ names were last linked in the press over the summer, when Naomi posed in a modelling campaign to promote Rihanna’s Puma clothing range, prompting the ‘Work’ singer to sing her praises in an Instagram post.

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