Rishi Sunak Criticised For Taking RAF Jet From London To Blackpool

The prime minister came under fire a week ago for taking a similar plane to Leeds.
The PM flew from London to Leeds last week
The PM flew from London to Leeds last week
No10 Downing Street

Rishi Sunak has been criticised after taking another RAF jet for a short flight within the UK.

The prime minister is understood to have flown from RAF Northolt in west London to Blackpool, a distance of less than 200 miles, this morning.

It comes just a week after he took a similar jet from Northolt to Leeds for a hospital visit.

The cost to the taxpayer of using the jet is thought to be in the low thousands of pounds.

However, Labour sources say the PM could have got a train from Euston station to Morecambe at 5.30am and arrived in Blackpool at the same time.

A Labour spokesperson said: “Rishi Sunak isn’t even trying to hide these recklessly expensive habits anymore.

“Jetting around the country on taxpayers’ money like an A-list celeb rather than catching a train like the rest of us is simply absurd.”

Lib Dem deputy leader Daisy Cooper said: “Rishi Sunak has learnt nothing from the past few weeks as he continues to jet about the country on taxpayers money.

“It is simply ridiculous that he can’t get a train like the rest of the British public do.

“Yet again this prime minister is completely out of touch with the rest of society.”

A source close to the prime minister said they did not comment on his travel arrangements for security reasons.

However, Number 10 posted a picture of Sunak boarding his plane for last week’s journey to Leeds on their Flickr account.

The PM’s official spokesperson said: “The prime minister will use different modes of transport depending on what is the best use of his time to enable him to get around the entire UK.”


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