'Boo, Resign': Rishi Sunak Heckled As He Leaves Cafe In Greater Manchester

The prime minister was told to "leave now" and "get out".
Pool via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak has been booed, heckled and told to “resign” as he left a cafe in Stockport.

The prime minister was meeting Conservative Party activists and members in the North West on Friday.

In a video captured by the Manchester Evening News, Sunak was met with shouts of “boo”, “boo”, “leave now” and “resign”.

As the PM’s car and drove away, someone shouted: “Get out, Sunak, get out.”

It came the day after Sunak all-but ruled out holding the general election in May of this year.

The prime minister said instead he would delay going to the country until the “second half” of 2024.

Labour holds a commanding poll lead and Keir Starmer has accused Sunak of “squatting” in Downing Street, afraid of the voters.

Earlier today, the country’s leading polling expert said Sunak was likely to call the general election for November 14.

Despite the announcement, Sunak does still have the option of delaying it even further until as late as January 2025 or changing his mind and going in the spring.


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