13/09/2016 11:20 BST

Sign Warning 'Cats Eyes Removed' Causes Alarm After Being Placed By Bristol University Veterinary School

'What kind of monsters are these student vets?'

The road sign was no doubt intended to warn Bristol motorists to be cautious, but by placing it next to one for the local veterinary college, it instead caused considerable alarm with one resident asking “what kind of monsters” study there. 

North Somerset Council placed a sign saying ‘cats eyes removed’ near a bend to inform drivers that the reflective studs had been removed from the road.

However, the sign was placed in front of one for the University of Bristol Veterinary Sciences school in Langford, an unfortunate juxtaposition that saw the messages merge into one. 

Mark Sparrow tweeted: “What kind of monsters are these student vets?”

While the Best of Bristol account simply posted a crying face emoji next to a picture of the signs. 

Bristol University has not commented on the picture, but in its coverage of the sign story the Bristol Post said it was “99% certain that its (the university’s) students do not routinely perform eye-removal surgery on unsuspecting cats”.

The newspaper cheekily added, “well, not without a good reason”.