Roaming Charges In Europe Are Now Much Cheaper

And there's even better news coming in 2017...

There is nothing worse than getting home after a holiday and finding you've been slapped with a massive phone bill.

Roaming charges have, since the dawn of time (well since the dawn of roaming charges), been the single biggest downer for any poor soul who just wanted to Instagram their crepe-filled picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Philip and Karen Smith via Getty Images

Well we have some good news. A wave of European Union regulations have come into effect which will effectively slash the cost of using your phone abroad.

The changes took effect on Saturday 30 April, correcting an injustice which has too often ruined holidays.

So how much will it cost to use your phone abroad?

  • Texts: 1p
  • Calls: 3p per minute
  • Data: 3p ber MB

But wait, there's even better news...

This is actually just a first step in what will be a complete removal of roaming charges in 2017.

That's right, by 2017 all roaming charges within the EU will be scrapped meaning you'll be able to use your data exactly as you would at home without having to pay any extra fees.

Unsurprisingly this move has been resisted by mobile networks but ultimately this has been a case of the power very much being in the people's hands.

Now all we need to do is get the US on board.


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