Rocketman: Rob Delaney Reveals His Elvis Presley Role Was Cut From The Sir Elton John Biopic

Sorry but we're going to need to see these scenes. Immediately.

Rob Delaney has revealed he was cut from the Sir Elton John biopic Rocketman – but only after filmmakers permanently dyed his hair black by accident.

The actor and stand-up comedian has said he signed up to play Elvis Presley in the hit movie.

Rob Delaney
Rob Delaney
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Speaking on his Sunday afternoon BBC Radio 6 Music show, which is prerecorded, Rob explains the unfortunate (but hilarious) turn of events, stating: “I did shoot a couple scenes in the film as a guy named Elvis Presley, who you may have heard of, and they even dyed my hair black for it.

In the make-up trailer they said, ‘Do you want the temporary dye or the permanent?’

“I was like, ‘temporary please’, and they put in the permanent by mistake, so it was black for six months after.

“My hair is black in another movie because of playing Elvis in Rocketman, which got cut, which is very funny, but that’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes.”

Taron Egerton plays Sir Elton in the movie
Taron Egerton plays Sir Elton in the movie
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The actor insisted that he feels no bitterness about his scenes ending up on the cutting room floor, adding: “I know when Sharon Horgan and I were making Catastrophe, we would frequently cut out things that we really enjoyed, just for time, so I bear no ill-will towards the makers of Rocketman.”

The US star quipped: “It’s excellent, even though I’m not in it. Please see it then just maybe PayPal me some money because I’m a little bit personally sad.”

Rob’s BBC 6 Music show airs on Sundays between 2 and 4pm.

The actor and writer recently starred in the last ever series of Catastrophe, which was a huge hit with fans and critics.


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