Roman Kemp's Breakfast Club Challenge: 11 Things We Learnt From The Capital Presenter's Efforts


With his many A-list pals, love of pranking and Capital radio show, Roman Kemp was the perfect participant for HuffPost UK’s first ever Breakfast Club Challenge.

The rules are simple: Answer the questions or face a foodie forfeit made up of not-so-great breakfast combinations.

Think fish with Nutella. And honey on cold beans. Ick.

When he wasn’t busy chowing down on our carefully-crafted breakfast concoctions, Roman revealed more than a few surprising facts.

Here are 11 things we learnt...

1. He’s snogged Justin Bieber

HuffPost UK


2. He thinks getting with Vick Hope would be ‘like incest’

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We see his point but the same as incest? That’s a bit harsh.

3. Roman hates marmite

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His face says it all.

4. Ed Sheeran watches a lot of videos about himself

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While many stars stay away from reading about themselves, Roman revealed that his pal Ed loves to check out clips online.

5. Olly Murs once tried it on with Vick Hope

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6. Cold eggs are disgusting

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Rather him than us.

7. Roman might need to explain himself to Jack Maynard

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Despite choosing the food option over revealing who his least talented pal is, Roman cheekily named the YouTuber.

8. His X Factor knowledge is far from encyclopedic

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We’re not sure how much attention he paid while working on the show.

9. Roman uses three different dating apps

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Well, it’s good to keep your options open.

10. Martin Kemp isn’t a very good cook

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Roman compared the croissant, Philadelphia and corned beef concoction to his dad’s cooking, so if you ever get invited to the Spandau Ballet star’s house for dinner, it’s probably best to pass.

11. Salmon with Nutella is gross

HuffPost UK

Ok, so we did know this already but Roman’s face after eating this combo confirmed it. Gross.

Watch Roman Kemp take on the HuffPost UK Breakfast Club challenge in the video above. Tune in to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, weekdays from 6am to 10am and Saturdays 6am to 9am.


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