17/04/2018 13:03 BST | Updated 17/04/2018 17:53 BST

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Netflix Confirms Classic Seasons To Be Removed At The End Of April

Get ready for an epic binge before they sashay away for good.

We’ve got some bad news for fans of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, as classic episodes of the show are to be removed from UK Netflix at the end of this month.

Until recently, Netflix was the main stop for British ‘Drag Race’ fans to catch up on the hit reality show, which airs on VH1 over in America.

However, the streaming service has now announced that as of Monday 30 April, seasons two through seven will no longer be available to watch.

And this pretty much sums up how we feel about the whole thing...

A representative for Netflix told Pink News: “Unfortunately series 2-7 will be leaving at the end of the month. Sadly, this is due to rights and licensing issues. However, the remaining series will still be available on the system.”

While the first season of ‘Drag Race’ has been absent from UK Netflix for some time, and none of the three ‘All Stars’ editions have ever been available, seasons eight and nine will remain on the service (at least for the time being).

It’s also been confirmed that the current 10th season will also continue to stream on Netflix, with a new episode appearing each week, the morning after it airs in America.


Rival streaming service Hayu, which focusses specifically on reality television, currently houses seasons two through six of ‘Drag Race’, as well as the spin-off show ‘Untucked’.

Since the success of ‘Drag Race’ among UK Netflix subscribers, the service has recently begun offering RuPaul’s show ‘Skin Wars’, as well as the film ‘Hurricane Bianca’, which stars season six winner Bianca Del Rio in the titular role.