Russian Doll-Inspired Proposal Will Give You All The Feels This Christmas

'She deserves the absolute best and she got it.'

A woman who was given a box within a box within a box for Christmas was given the best surprise when her partner popped the question at the end of it.

After six years, my mom is engaged😭 she deserves the absolute best and she got it❤

— ℓogan rondi (@jlrondi) December 25, 2016

At first, the woman became frustrated with the Russian doll-inspired gift, particularly when she didn’t seem to be getting any closer to finding out what was inside.

“Why are you doing this?” she exclaimed.

But when she opened the final box and took out the piece of paper inside, she began to cry.

The folded piece of paper read “Will you marry me?” and her partner, sat beside her, was holding out a ring box.

The adorable proposal was shared by the woman’s daughter, Logan Rondi, on Twitter. She said: “After six years my mom is engaged. She deserves the absolute best and she got it.”

Unsurprisingly the adorable Christmas day proposal has been shared more than 85,000 times.