22/09/2017 13:54 BST | Updated 22/09/2017 14:02 BST

Ruth Langsford Admits One Aspect Of Her Marriage Has Suffered Thanks To 'Strictly Come Dancing'

The 'This Morning' presenter spoke to HuffPost ahead of her dancefloor debut.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have never shied away from discussing sex (heck, they’ve even made a whole documentary series about it), but her stint on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has left them with little to boast about in that department. 

The ‘This Morning’ presenter has admitted training for the BBC ballroom show has had an adverse effect on her’s and Eamonn’s *ahem* romantic activities, claiming she is always “too knackered” for any bedroom gymnastics.  

'Strictly' has left Ruth Langsford 'too knackered' for sex

Speaking to HuffPost UK ahead of Saturday’s (23 September) first live show, Ruth joked: “I haven’t got time for that! I’m too busy sleeping and I’m too knackered from training. 

“But who knows, at the end of this, I will have a dancer’s body hopefully, which is tight and taut and will be very nice...”

The star also claimed Eamonn is actually loving being, what she calls, a ”‘Strictly’ widow”, despite what he may say on TV about not having his wife at home with him. 

“He’s enjoying the sympathy, telling everybody he’s a ‘Strictly’ widow,” she said. 

“I think secretly, he and [son] Jack are having a lovely time without me. There’s nobody there to tell them off about being untidy, what time they eat or anything, so I think they’re having a bit of boys’ bonding without me.”

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Ruth with husband Eamonn Holmes

Hopefully though, Eamonn will be there to cheer Ruth on as she performs her first routine with Anton live on Saturday night, although she admitted she is currently having trouble remembering the routine. 

“It’s like I’ve gone danceblind!” she said. “Anton keeps saying to me that it’s OK and he’s not worried - he says I’m just overthinking it.”

Speaking about their waltz to ‘This Nearly Was Mine’, taken from the soundtrack to the musical ‘South Pacific’, she continued: “When Anton told me what our first dance was, I thought, ‘Oh good, it’s not one of those fast ones, that will be a bit easier’. Wrong! It’s actually really hard with a lot of steps and a lot of movement.

“But I’m in hold with him the whole time, so it’s unlikely I’ll fall over, so that’s one good thing. Unless I trip over him and stumble into a big heap on the floor!”

See Ruth and Anton in action when ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ goes live on Saturday at 6.25pm on BBC One. 

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