Ryan Gosling Photos: 100 Times The ‘La La Land’ Actor Was Too Handsome For Words


We know his existence is not exactly breaking news, but let’s talk about Ryan Gosling for a minute.

The actor is everywhere at the moment, thanks to his starring role in ‘La La Land’, opposite Emma Stone.

At the start of January, he began awards season by triumphing at the Golden Globes and if the bookies’ predictions are anything to go by, he’ll be accepting many more accolades in the coming months.

Wow. Just wow.
Wow. Just wow.
Bold Films/REX/Shutterstock

This isn’t his first time at the rodeo though, and Ryan has starred in a number of huge blockbuster films since making his big screen debut in the early 2000s.

And while we may not all be able to agree on which of his films is the greatest, there’s one everyone can agree on. Yes, we mean the fact that he’s so darn handsome.

So let’s put debates about the best Gosling movie to one side for the moment, and enjoy these 100 - super handsome - pictures of the star…

Ryan Gosling

100 Times Ryan Gosling Was Too Handsome For Words


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