Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Hilarious Valentine’s Messages Are So On Brand

Who said romance was dead?

You can always rely on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to rip each other at any given opportunity, and Valentine’s Day proved to be no exception.

The couple shared their own unique messages to each other on Sunday, which were distinctly tongue-in-cheek.

Sharing a video of his wife sledging in the snow, the Deadpool star captioned it: “My forever valentine for the foreseeable future.”

Not to be outdone, Blake then took things up a notch or five when she shared a video of her husband helping her to dye her hair.

She captioned it: “That time I f***ed my hairdresser”.

Aaahhh romance, eh?

As well as their screen credentials, the couple are famed for taking cheeky aims at each other on social media.

Ahead of last year’s US election, Blake poked fun at her Canadian-born husband after he voted in a US presidential election for the first time.

Ryan, who was born in Vancouver before becoming a naturalised US citizen in 2018, posted a picture of him and Blake together holding their ballots and the caption was suitably silly.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

“This is my first time voting in America,” he wrote. “I’d like to thank my wife Blake for making my first time so gentle and loving. It was super scary at first, then exciting and now I’m a little tired. But proud. #VoteEarly”

Blake shared the same picture and couldn’t resist poking fun at her husband.

“It was Ryan’s first time. He was understandably scared. It all happened so fast. Like, REALLY fast. He wept. I pretended to weep. Then he called all his friend,” she joked.

And just a few months earlier, Ryan posted a funny Instagram highlighting his 2010 film, Buried, which he admittedly tweaked to promote his business venture, Aviation Gin.

“I think this just got me pregnant,” Blake joked of the doctored clip.

Her husband then replied with a hilarious “out of office” message, writing: “I will be out of the office starting July 22nd through the middle of forever and ever. If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact someone. Anyone. Otherwise I will respond to your message as soon as possible upon my unlikely return. Thank you.”


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