Ryan Reynolds

The Canadian actor's statement comes after rumoured set pics caused a stir on the internet this week.
The Deadpool actor once again proved why he’s one of the funniest stars in Hollywood.
The Deadpool star won this year’s Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter Award, which is bestowed annually by the late comedian’s children.
The chart-topping singer brought some seriously A-list friends with her to watch the Kansas City Chiefs game over the weekend.
“It was like the military, except your pinky is always up," Ryan jokes in a new Welcome To Wrexham preview.
Ryan celebrated the Gossip Girl star's 36th birthday in a very uncharacteristic way.
Ryan Reynolds — the real father of the couple's four children — has yet to respond.
The Deadpool star stopped off at No.10 to meet Rishi Sunak – but some fans weren't too happy about the meeting.