Ryan Reynolds' Response To David Beckham’s ‘Sore Wrist’ Comment Is Hilariously NSFW


You can always rely on Ryan Reynolds for a bit of (ahem) light relief.

The Deadpool star had a hilariously NSFW response to David Beckham after the actor shared a snap of himself next to 100 bottles of his Aviation Gin.

Ryan posted the pic on Instagram on Wednesday, which he captioned: “I signed 100 bottles of @AviationGin for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Weird name for a person but tbh if that were my name, I’d drink that much too. #LCBO.”

He later added, “UPDATE: the bottles I signed in my last post were actually for BC liquor stores not Ontario. Now signing 100 bottles for Ontario and before you ask Newfoundland, NO.”

When David Beckham commented “that’s a sore wrist if ever I saw one”, Ryan quipped, “I’ve intensely trained my wrist since I was 15. Wait… what are we talking about?”

Ryan is famed for his distinct sense of humour. He and his wife Blake Lively love to rip each other at any given opportunity, and Valentine’s Day proved to be no exception.

The couple shared their own unique messages to each other earlier this month, which were distinctly tongue-in-cheek.

Sharing a video of his wife sledging in the snow, the Deadpool star captioned it: “My forever valentine for the foreseeable future.”

Not to be outdone, Blake then took things up a notch or five when she shared a video of her husband helping her to dye her hair.

She captioned it: “That time I f***ed my hairdresser”.

Who said romance was dead?


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