Rylan Recalls Terrifying Experience Of Being Mugged… By A Fox

A cunning stunt.

Forget shaggy dog stories. Rylan Clark has a lairy fox tale.

The presenter has shared a yarn so ridiculous that even he questioned whether it actually happened (it did).

The It Takes Two star recalled the tale – involving a drunken night out, a lairy fox and a knock-off Louis Vuitton wallet – during an appearance on Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett’s weekly Dish podcast.

Rylan Clark and a fox
Rylan Clark and a fox

Take it away Rylan…

“I was on a night out when I was probably about 18,” Rylan began. “I was so pissed at the time, and I’d lost all of my friends. So, I walked back from Romford. I’ve got my wallet in one hand – my fake Louis, that I’d got down the market two days previous – and my phone in the other hand.

“There was a fox just perched on this wall. Obviously you don’t want to just casually stroll past a fox. So, I did what anyone else would do, and you just stamp your foot and go ‘khh’, like, ‘ughh’, right? And you expect it to just go, but this fox crawled down this wall and just slowly walked towards me and it’s just come closer, and then it looked like it was about to jump and I’ve gone, ‘Oh!’ and dropped my wallet.

“It grabbed my wallet in its mouth and went. So, I’m standing there, two o’clock in the morning looking around for assistance and trying to think, did I just make that up? But I know I didn’t, it actually happened.”

And things didn’t get any better for Rylan the following day, when he had to report his bank card had been stolen.

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“So, the next day I ring up the bank people and I’m like, ‘I need to cancel my cards because they’ve been stolen’. And they’re like, ‘Well because you’ve said ‘stolen’ we can put a block on the cards, but we need to get a crime reference number.’ And I’m like, ‘But how do I do that?’ They’re like, ‘Well you just call the police and they’ll give you a crime reference number.’

“So I then call the police, I’m like ’Hi, I need to get a crime reference number for my bank cards, they’ve been stopped. I said that I was mugged and they were like, ‘Can you describe the assailant.’ So, I’m like, er ‘Ginger, hairy…’

“The woman that I was speaking to, and don’t get me wrong they were lovely, but I remember her saying, ‘Can you just hold the line please?’ And then I know full well I was on speaker phone.

“So yeah, I got mugged by a fox. That’ll teach me for buying fake Louis.”

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