Sacha Baron Cohen Turns 45: We Say Happy Birthday With These 10 Finest Screen Moments

From Borat to Bruno, he's covered a lot of ground.

Sacha Baron Cohen turns 45 today.

His has not been a quiet life so far. Away from the screen, highlights have included incurring Ryan Seacrest’s wrath through inadvertently spilling all over him an urn of ashes which he claimed to be those of Kim Jong-il on the 2013 Oscars red carpet, inciting a lawsuit from the government of Kazahstan for his film ‘Borat’, even earning the highest accolade known to show business, being impersonated by Richard Madeley on ‘This Morning’ in fully-committed Ali G guise.

Despite this, many of his best moments have been on screen. We celebrate the birthday of this high achiever with this compilation - courtesy of - of his finest movie moments... sit back and marvel!

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