Sadiq Khan Celebrates Hit On Tory Mayor Rival With Excited Shout

'Bullseye Goldsmiiiiiiith'

Labour's Sadiq Khan delivered what must be the quote of the London mayoral campaign so far on Tuesday, when arguing with his Tory rival Zac Goldsmith on LBC.

In a spat over transport in the city, Khan said rather than abolishing bus lanes "as Zac wants to do" he thought black taxis should be allowed to use them.

Goldsmith replied: "I never said I wanted to scrap bus lanes."

Brandishing sheets of paper, Khan read out a quote from Goldsmith's appearance on LBC in November last year in which the Tory MP said:

"We are going to see a massive shift in the type of cars people own, then within two or three years there will be no point having bus lanes because everybody is going to be driving these things around."

Celebrating what he saw as a conclusive hit on Goldmisth, Khan shouted: "Bullseye Goldsmiiiiiiith."

But Goldsmith insisted Khan had "missed out a word" from the quote. "I was suggesting a temporary use of the bus lanes by electric cars in order to incentives their use," he said.