Sainsbury's Meal Deal Change Is Leaving People Absolutely Furious

'Give me Taste The Difference sandwiches or give me death.'
<strong>Sainsbury's cut their Meal Deal range on Monday</strong>
Sainsbury's cut their Meal Deal range on Monday
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2016 has been a rollercoaster year, and a tragic one for many: the death of some of our most-loved celebrities, Remainers’ bitter at a vote for Brexit, and the rise of Donald Trump.

But what really takes the biscuit*, some Brits think, is Sainsbury’s decision to overhaul its Meal Deal range - scrapping favoured triple sandwiches, pasta pots and rolls from the £3 bundle.

Such an outrage is this, say many, that it trumps all the other events of 2016 to take the top spot on the official list of ‘Worst Things To Happen This Year’.

As one hungry punter put it:

In fact, that’s a common response to Sainsbury’s new, limited range.

The Meal Deal revision is apparently worse than:


All celebrity deaths this year - COMBINED

Every single day of this shopper’s life

Life itself


(That’s a popular one.)

And don’t even get them started on forks being removed from the pasta pots.

Which comes just A DAY after Sainsbury’s admitted that most of its customers liked the handily-stored cutlery.

The supermarket have defended their decision, telling the BBC it had invested million of pounds improving the quality and value of its sandwich range.

But that only enflamed the Nazism analogies.

The full Sainsbury’s statement reads: “Customers can still enjoy our great value £3 Meal Deal and the sandwiches in the Deal are now better quality and better value.

“Where sandwiches are no longer in the Meal Deal, we have improved the taste and reduced the price - so for example a Taste the Difference prawn and rocket sandwich priced at £3.00 has been replaced with a crayfish and rocket sandwich priced at £2.50.

“Our new On the Go range also includes a much wider ranges of sandwiches, salads and sushi than it did before.

“We think that, once customers try the new range, they will like it.”

*We’re sorry to break it to you like this but biscuits aren’t in the Meal Deal

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