Woman With Ostomy Bag Claims She Was Denied Access To Disabled Toilet

'I was embarrassed.'

An inflammatory bowel disease patient has claimed she was denied access to disabled toilets at a gig, despite the fact that she wears an ostomy bag.

Sam Cleasby, from Sheffield, was watching the Stone Roses perform at the Etihad stadium in Manchester last week when she felt a "dampness" by her tummy and headed towards the disabled loos.

She said a toilet attendant told her the disabled toilets were only for people in wheelchairs.

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"I was shocked at her statement, she is wrong, accessible toilets are for anyone who has extra needs, I told her this and she replied again that they were only for wheelchair users," she wrote on The Metro.

"I was embarrassed to have to tell her that I had an ostomy bag, but even this wouldn’t sway her decision."

Cleasby went on to say that she constantly fears the ostomy bag, which collects waste, will leak in public, so the experience was really traumatic.

Thankfully, a second member of staff intervened and she was then granted access to the toilet.

"Things are getting better, people are educating themselves more and businesses are learning that they need to train staff on accessibility and disability, but all too often, those of us with invisible disabilities are ignored, abused and denied support," she said.

The Huffington Post UK has contacted Etihad Stadium for comment, but has yet to hear back at the time of publication.

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