Samantha Bee Tears Apart America's Gun Control Fiasco On 'Full Frontal' In The Wake Of The Orlando Shooting

'Full Frontal' takes on the gun control debate destroying the Senate.

Former 'Daily Show' stalwart and late night TV's rising star Samantha Bee is quickly making a name for herself with her astounding ability to explain why everything in America is a little bit wacky in a totally hilarious way.

She's right in her element at the moment, because nothing is quite as baffling as the fact Republicans in the US Senate recently blocked new laws designed to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns.

The Democrat side of the House filibustered to bring a vote on the subject, but the votes both ended with no action.

As the 'Full Frontal' host explains, it's fairly odd the Senate would have trouble with this since it seems the majority of American citizens, including gun owners, support stronger rules on background checks.

She then went on to give a full breakdown of exactly why the Senate Republicans chose to shoot down the new measures, and it's hilarious and worrying in equal measure.

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