10/12/2016 17:49 GMT

Santacon 2016: London Revellers Take To The Streets In Christmas Parade

The 'non-sensical Christmas parade' is back.

Hundreds of revellers dressed as Father Christmas took to the streets of London on Saturday to celebrate the annual Santacon Christmas parade.

Santacon is described on the event page’s website as: “A non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-sensical Christmas parade that traditionally takes place in London one Saturday every December.

“There’s no particular reason to dress up in Santa suits, run around, give gifts, sing songs, have strangers sit on our laps and decide who is naughty or nice.

“But it’s a lot of fun so Santa does it anyway.” 

Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Crowds take part in this year's Santacon.
Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Santas take part in the Santacon event in London.

Planned routes allow participants to hit a number of pubs on the way through the city and a sea of red and white has been sweeping through London since this morning.

Pictures from today’s event show partygoers dancing in the street, swigging from cans and wrestling with one another.

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Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Revellers dressed as Santa push one another in a trolley.
Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Groups dressed as Santas take a selfie with police.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Thousands head to the Santacon Christmas parade.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Two revellers dressed in Santa suits take a selfie before setting off from Camden in the Santacon Christmas parade.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Revellers dressed in Santa suits wrestle outside Euston Station.
Peter Nicholls / Reuters
Man dressed as Santa Claus relieves himself.

Santacon takes place in hundreds of towns and cities around the world, including New York and Moscow.