20/07/2017 10:50 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 10:50 BST

Pregnant Fitness Blogger Sarah Stage Won't Let Criticism Of Her Abs Stop Her Posting Bump Photos

'Positive vibes only.'

A fitness blogger and model has proved she won’t let negative comments about her baby bump stop her sharing photos.

Sarah Stage, from the US, has been documenting her pregnancy journey on Instagram.

She received comments on a photo she posted on 8 July saying she “doesn’t look like a pregnant person” because her bump was “too small”. 

But that didn’t stop Stage from posting another selfie in a bikini on 18 July, captioning the shot: “Positive vibes only #unbothered.”

Some people still posted negative comments on the photo, with one writing: “Can someone explain to me how this happened? Where is the baby?”

Others defended Stage, stating that every body is different and cannot be compared.

“I knew one person who didn’t know she was pregnant until the day before she gave birth,” one person wrote. “She even did a bikini shoot the day before.

“We are all unique we are all different. This should be celebrated not tormented.”

Stage previously addressed criticism of the size of her baby bump on Instagram on 11 July.

Posting a photo of herself in a white bikini and cropped top, Stage wrote: “There’s no room for any negativity so please take it elsewhere.

“Baby two is healthy and measuring just fine. I would think that after having James, who was born almost 9lbs and healthy, people would be more understanding during this pregnancy and keep their ignorant comments to themselves.

“We are all different that’s what makes us special and unique.”

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