SATs Exams: Teachers Remind Kids They Have Talent Beyond Test Scores In Inspiring Letter

'You have this in the bag!'

A mum has shared a letter a school sent to their Year 6 pupils in light of the "pressure" kids are facing over SATs.

Jeanette Hooper said King Edwin Primary School in Nottingham put a "positive spin" on the end-of-year exams for 10- and 11-year-olds.

"We are very lucky to have such hard-working and supportive staff in our schools," Hooper wrote when sharing the letter.

The letter from the staff and governors at King Edwin Primary School thanked children for their hard work and progress throughout the year.

"We are constantly amazed by the incredible people you are becoming," the letter read.

"Your talents and skills, be it gymnastics, dance, music, football or singing, impress us daily."

The letter also touched on the test scores and why children shouldn't take them too seriously.

"Whatever scores these tests give you, know that you have worked hard to get it and that you have done everyone proud," the letter continued.

"We are only sorry there aren't tests to score your humour, your personalities, your kindness, your positive attitude and your resilience.

"You have done the hard bit - all the learning and work in the run up to this. You have this in the bag!"

The letter signed off telling kids: "Thank you for being you."

When a photo of the letter was shared on Facebook one person commented: "What a fabulous inspiring encouraging letter.

"They have summed everything up so well, I'm sure all the pupils will do their very best and make you all proud."

Another wrote: "This is lovely, made me cry. Hurrah for teachers, parents and kids."