16/04/2017 10:46 BST

'Saturday Kitchen' Host Matt Tebbutt Apologises After On-Air Swear

'Natural reaction when you've run out of meringue.'

‘Saturday Kitchen’ host Matt Tebbutt was forced to apologise after a swear word was broadcast. 

One of the cookery show’s guests let out an accidental swear during a tense moment involving meringue on Saturday’s (15 April) episode.


Guest Mich Turner was helping Matt create a mouth-watering meringue sponge cake, when he ran out of icing. 

After he darted across the kitchen to pick up another icing back, one of the other guests sat at the table waiting to sample his dish, could he heard saying: “Oh shit”. 

While it wasn’t acknowledged at the time, Matt later apologised. 

“And all sincere apologies for the bad language just then,” he said, as he blow-torched the top of the meringue.

“Just so you know. Big apologies.”

Matt recently took over as the new permanent host of ‘Saturday Kitchen’, presenting every other week. 

Previous host James Martin hung up his apron back in March 2016, after which the show was fronted by a different guest presenter each week. 

Lorraine Pascale was forced to take to Twitter to defend herself, after her stint at the helm was slammed by viewers.

‘Saturday Kitchen’ airs every Saturday at 9am on BBC One. 

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