Love It Or List It’s Scarlette Douglas Reveals Hilarious Crossed Wires Phone Call With Phil Spencer

The Place In The Sun host is fronting a special edition of the Channel 4 property show as part of the Black To Front project.

We’re used to seeing Scarlette Douglas presenting from sunny climes as one of the regular hosts of A Place In The Sun, but she’s staying closer to home for her latest presenting gig.

Scarlette is fronting this Friday’s Love It Or List It alongside her brother Stuart as they go head to head in a special edition of the popular property show for Channel 4′s Black To Front project.

The weekly show, which is usually helmed by Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp, follows a couple who can’t agree on whether to sell up or do up their abode.

Phil is always Team List It as he goes about trying to find a better home for the couple, while Kirstie on Team Love It gets to work on making home improvements.

Scarlette Douglas with her brother Stuart.
Scarlette Douglas with her brother Stuart.
Channel 4

The Black To Front day of programming is dedicated to showcasing Black talent both in front of and behind the camera, on some of the channel’s most popular shows.

Scarlette has revealed that she called Phil ahead of recording the show to ask him for some advice – but it ended up being a classic case of crossed wires.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Scarlette said: “It was funny because I called Phil and when I got through to him they were in the middle of filming the decision chat for Location Location Location.

“He picked up and I was like ‘Hey Phil, it’s Scarlette’ and he said ‘Are you calling back about the offer?’ and I was like ‘No, it’s Scarlette, I’m going to be you in Love It Or List It’. He was like ‘Oh I am so sorry, we’re in the middle of filming and I thought you were the estate agent calling back to tell us if the offer had been accepted!’”

And her brother Stuart didn’t initially have much luck with Kirstie either.

“Stuart called Kirstie and she didn’t pick up for a good week or two,” Scarlette explained. “But it was half term and she did say she doesn’t usually pick up her mobile or messages during half term.

“But they’ve both been really supportive. Phil and I made a little pact that we’d swap roles so he’d go on A Placer In The Sun and I’d stay on Love It Or List It.”

Scarlette also spoke of her pride at being involved in Black To Front, saying it is “very humbling” to take part.

“I feel very proud to be asked to do it, especially with my brother,” she told us. “I think it’s a very important day that will hopefully make history. It’s never been done before so I guess in a way it’s already making history. It’s very exciting.”

And Scarlette is clear on what she hopes the legacy of Black To Front will be.

“I just want it to show people that there are so many other talents out there who we’ve not seen,” she said. “I think that’s what is important about this day, bringing to the forefront people who have the skills but haven’t had the chance to front certain shows.

“I want the legacy to be new talent continuing on and growing and bringing up people that we don’t know already and giving them an opportunity and a platform to grow their career.”

Love It Or List It airs at 8pm on Channel 4 on Friday 10 September, as part of Black To Front’s 24 hours of programming, which kicks off at 6.05am.


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