Seagull Falls Into Tikka Masala Curry, Comes Out Looking Orange

"Gulls eat all sorts of things, but I expect this one has probably been put off curry now."
Solent News And Photo Agency

A hungry seagull was left bright orange after falling into a vat of waste curry outside a food factory on Monday.

The bird was apparently trying to nab a piece of chicken from the container of tikka masala when it ended up falling in.

The animal was taken from the site in Wales to Vale Wildlife Hospital near Tewkesbury where vets cleaned it up and made sure it wasn't injured.

Solent News And Photo Agency

"The strong curry aroma actually hit us before we opened the box," veterinary nurse Lucy Kells told Solent News. "It was absolutely overwhelming and I thought 'that smells fantastic'."

"We had to give him a shower and clean him with washing up liquid. Surprisingly, he was actually very well behaved. The gull is doing great now - he still smells a little of curry, but he is now much whiter."

Solent News And Photo Agency

It's thought the bird became trapped because the curry was too thick for him to fly away.

The distinctive colouration caused by the turmeric led to people of Facebook dubbing him "Gullfrazie".

He'll now be kept in a cage to regain his strength, then transferred to an outdoor aviary to redevelop the waterpoof coating on his feathers.

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