Security Guard Shot Dead For Refusing Entry To Customer Not Wearing Coronavirus Face Mask

Three members of the same family have been charged with the murder of Calvin Munerlyn.

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A woman, her adult son and husband have been charged in the fatal shooting of a security guard who refused to let her daughter enter a shop because she wasn’t wearing a face mask.

Calvin Munerlyn was shot on Friday at a Family Dollar store in Michigan a short time after telling Sharmel Teague’s daughter she had to leave because she didn’t have a mask to protect against the transmission of coronavirus.

Teague, 45, argued with Munerlyn, 43, and allegedly spat at him before leaving. She later returned with her husband and son.

Calvin Munerlyn was shot dead on Friday in Michigan.
Calvin Munerlyn was shot dead on Friday in Michigan.

Teague, her husband, Larry Teague, 44, and her son Ramonyea Bishop, 23, are charged with first-degree premeditated murder and gun charges.

Larry Teague is also charged with violating an official order that all customers and employees must wear face coverings inside grocery shops.

Witnesses identified Bishop as the man who shot Munerlyn in the back of the head.

Sharmel Teague has been arrested and her husband and son are being sought by police. No information has been released about Teague’s daughter, who has not been charged in the shooting.

On Thursday, gun-carrying protesters and other demonstrators rallied inside Michigan’s state Capitol, calling for coronavirus-related restrictions to be lifted. Some protesters with guns — which are allowed in the statehouse — went to the Senate gallery. Some senators wore bulletproof vests.

Police are searching for Larry Edward Teague, 44, and Ramonyea Travon Bishop, 23.
Police are searching for Larry Edward Teague, 44, and Ramonyea Travon Bishop, 23.
Sharmel Teague is in custody.
Sharmel Teague is in custody.

As of Monday, Michigan has 43,754 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 4,049 deaths due to complications from the disease.

About 150 people attended a candlelight vigil for Munerlyn on Sunday night. On Monday, a makeshift memorial was erected outside the Family Dollar.

Munerlyn’s mother, Bernadett, said she wants justice for her son.

“They didn’t have to take my baby and it wasn’t that serious,” she said.

“All you people just have to do is listen to the law, listen to the governor. Just stay home. If you don’t have to come out, then you wouldn’t need a mask unless you’re out getting groceries or necessities. All my baby was doing was his job.”


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