EXCLUSIVE: What Serena Williams Has To Say About THAT Beyonce Video

The defending Wimbledon champion is having a huge week.

It was a big day yesterday for Serena Williams, even by her own extraordinary standards.

First, it was announced that she has been seeded number one in the women's competition at Wimbledon, which kicks off next week and sees her striving to match Steffi Graf's record of 22 career major titles.

The same day saw the release of 'Serena', an intimate documentary exploring the burdens, privileges and challenges that come hand in hand with being one of the most distinctive sports icons of her generation.

And... Beyonce dropped the video to her defiant heartbreak anthem, 'Sorry', which included a beyond-glamorous Serena in its moody video, strutting, staring, serving up a compelling combination of enigma and mega-watt charisma.

<strong>Serena Williams joins Beyonce for her video for 'Sorry'</strong>
Serena Williams joins Beyonce for her video for 'Sorry'

With so much going on, it was an impressively relaxed Serena who wandered into a London hotel last night, where she was on duty as an ambassador for Delta Airlines. While her male counterpart Novak Djokovic somewhere counted his calories and tested his rackets, Serena prepared for her campaign of sporting history by... hosting a karaoke night, naturally. How does she keep all these identities - sporting titan, femme fatale, dancefloor diva - straight in her head?

"I’m just being myself, so it’s actually kind of easy," she told HuffPostUK. "I have the sporty side and this is the other fun, more glamorous side.

"I don’t have anything to hide, I’m not being two completely different people, I’m just being myself."

<strong>Serena Williams warms up for Wimbledon as only she knows how</strong>
Serena Williams warms up for Wimbledon as only she knows how

One of the more remarkable aspects of the video is Serena's complete ease with her body, more than just accepting her fulsome booty, but giving it the centre stage it deserves. With this and the likes of Kim Kardashian breaking the internet with a wittily-perched cocktail glass, has the battle for acceptance of these shapes finally been won?

"It could be a while, but I feel like it’s winning," asserted Serena.

"We’ve come so far.

"I always make a joke with my mum, I tell her 'my body’s in style right now, we’re trending.'

"I just think it’s important, no matter what size you are, how you look, you’ve got to love who you are, and that’s all you can do."

Serena Williams was hosting an event for Delta Air Lines Baseline Sessions.

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