Serena Williams Fires Tennis Balls At Sexist Heckler 'For All Of Womenkind' In Hilarious Video

'You're really talented, for a girl.'

Whatever you do, do not mess with Serena Williams.

In a hilarious video created with Glamour magazine, the tennis star serves up a healthy dose of revenge for all of the sexist comments women in sport receive.

"I'm here to express some of the frustrations I have about the obnoxious things men sometimes say about women," she says.

"I'm doing this for all of womenkind."

She then starts firing tennis balls at a heckler wearing body armour as he repeats some of the all too familiar phrases.

"You're really talented, for a girl."

"Calm down."

"You should smile more."

"How much time do you spend picking out your competition outfits?"

"Do you think you could ever beat a guy?"

The list of his offensive comments goes on a on, but thankfully, so does the player's kick-ass serve.

Serena, we salute you.

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