7 Times Liz Kendall Won At Twitter

Includes a tweet about Jamie Vardy being tattooed on someone's bum

She may not have won last year's Labour leadership election, but Liz Kendall proved yet again today that her party's loss is Twitter's gain.

The Leicester West MP today tweeted out her meeting with 'Little Liz Kendall' - who appeared as her in the Green Party's latest Party Political Broadcast which reimagined politics as a primary school class.

Appearing alongside Ava, Kendall showed that she still has that rare commodity in politicians - the ability to laugh at herself.

Here are seven times Liz Kendall won at Twitter

When she met ‘Little Liz Kendall’
When she mocked Labour’s Director of Communication Seumas Milne
When she seemed totally fine with having a toy bus on her head
When she trolled ITV News reporter Robert Peston for getting her name wrong
When she retweeted this Leicester fan’s love for Jamie Vardy
When she took on the clickbait
When she shut down this troll with the perfect response

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