15/01/2020 15:47 GMT | Updated 15/01/2020 16:06 GMT

Sex Education Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Setting And Everything Else To Know About The Netflix Show's Return

Including why everyone is talking about kimchi in the lead up to new episodes dropping on Netflix.

In the age of streaming, where there is almost too much choice when it comes to deciding what to watch, it can be hard for platforms like Netflix to have a break-out hit that really gets everyone talking. 

But last year, Sex Education joined the likes of Stranger Things, Black Mirror and The Crown, when it debuted on Netflix. 

The teen drama follows socially-awkward high school student Otis, who lives with his sex therapist mother, Jean, and sets up his own sex clinic at his school to capitalise on the knowledge he’s absorbed from his mum.

With fans gearing up for the release of the second series later this week, here are the answers to all your burning questions...

Sam Taylor/Netflix

What happened at the end of Sex Education series 1?

If you’re anything like us, you probably binged the entirety of season one in a single sitting, so the whole thing might seem like a bit of a blur now 

For those in a need of a little refresher, the end of the series saw Maeve finally realise her feelings for Otis after breaking up with Jackson. But having thought he stood no chance with her, Otis had grown close to Ola, with the pair sharing a kiss that was witnessed by a crushed Maeve.

The kiss also awakened Otis’ sexual desires, after which the character was finally able to masturbate (you’ll remember that his inability to was a recurring theme throughout the first series). 

Elsewhere, Adam finally gave into his growing attracting to Eric, but any chances of a long-term romance were scuppered when he was packed off to military school, after his parents were no longer able to cope with his behaviour. 

You can watch a more detailed overview of the first series below...


Who is in the Sex Eduction season 2 cast?

The main players from series one are all returning for the new run of episodes. 

Asa Butterfield will reprise his role a lead character Otis, while Gillian Anderson is back as his mother, Jean. 

Also returning are Emma Mackey (Maeve), Ncuti Gatwa (Eric), Aimee-Lou Wood (Aimee), Connor Swindells (Adam), Kedar Williams-Stirling (Jackson), Tanya Reynolds (Lily), and Patricia Allison (Ola).

There are also plenty of new faces joining for the new series too. 

Newcomer Chinenye Ezeudu plays Viv, a super intelligent, multi-talented academic student, who is anything but gifted when it comes to love.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

French actor Sami Outalbali plays Rahim, a French student who turns heads when he joins Moordale Secondary.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

Fellow newcomer George Robinson plays Isaac, who creates waves when he moves into Maeve’s caravan park.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

What is Sex Education series 2 about?

An official synopsis from Netflix reads: “As a late bloomer Otis must master his newly discovered sexual urges in order to progress with his girlfriend Ola whilst also dealing with his now strained relationship with Maeve.

“Meanwhile, Moordale Secondary is in the throes of a chlamydia outbreak, highlighting the need for better sex education at the school and new kids come to town who will challenge the status quo.”

Sam Taylor/Netflix

The description continues: “Maeve and Aimee’s BFF relationship is stronger than ever since Aimee ditched ‘the Untouchables’.

“Eric notices his new-found self-confidence attracting unfamiliar kinds of attention. Adam is at military school, still conflicted by his feelings for Eric.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

“Lily has hit pause on her sexual endeavours to focus on her creative talents and finds a new found friend in Ola.

“Jackson is forced to flex his mental rather than physical muscle and is still buckling under the pressure from his parents to succeed.

“Jean and Jakob’s relationship is discovered and they have to learn how to operate as a blended family. Jean forms an unlikely connection with Mrs Groff and a friendship between the two women begins to form.”

Sam Taylor/Netflix

When is Sex Eduction series 2 out?

Eight brand new episodes will begin streaming on Netflix on the morning of Friday 17 January – perfect for binging over the weekend. 

What have people been saying about Sex Eduction series 2?

The Mirror (5 stars) 

“It’s a strong follow-up season of the show as it continues to embrace diverse sexualities and relationships and celebrate them in all their glory - warts and all. It also develops the world of the show and the character’s personalities and wants more, and leaves us eagerly anticipating the third run.”

Rolling Stone (3.5 stars) 

“The appealing performances and fundamental empathy remain — enough to ultimately make this a rewarding return —  but Season Two keeps going off into more clichéd and less interesting territory.”

Radio Times (4 stars) 

“It’s very difficult to find anything to complain about in this infectious and often informative comedy. It’s the type of show that, considering its subject matter and the aforementioned US-UK hybrid aesthetic, could so easily have felt a bit forced and uncomfortable, but instead it comes across as natural and effortless; effortlessly charming, effortlessly witty and just so effortlessly enjoyable.”

NME (4 stars) 

“Though comedy often takes a back-seat in favour of thornier issues – this second season is far less lewd, sometimes to its detriment – Sex Education boasts enough moments of true hilarity to maintain pace. The school production of Romeo and Juliet, which closes the season, is even hornier than Tom Hooper’s recent adaptation of Cats – calamitous, ludicrous viewing from start to finish.”

Sam Taylor/Netflix

Where is Sex Education set?

Given the show’s US-UK hybrid aesthetic, its location has been something of a topic of fascination for fans.

Some have even criticised it for being too American, given it is a British show. 

However, last year Sex Education director Ben Taylor explained that the show is meant to be set in “Nowheresville”, but disputed claims this was so the series would appeal to American audiences. 


Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “I know it’s frustrated some viewers, but at no point were we trying to pass it off as America. We were just trying to pass it off as a slightly heightened ‘Nowheresville’.

“I think it was certainly intentional – like it wasn’t an accidental by-product of it. It’s a very designed show.”

He added: “I just wanted to frame a British school experience in a slightly different way.

“I think it felt interesting, not only visually, but I think it does something to the story and the setting and the characters that it is a heightened world, it’s a heightened script.”

Filming of Sex Education actually took place across various locations in South Wales. 


Moordale secondary school uses a former campus at the University of South Wales as its setting, while it is thought Otis and Jean’s house is in the Wye Valley.

Other locations are said to include Symonds Yat, Tintern, and Llandogo and Sterrett’s Caravan Park in Ross-On-Wye. 

Um, why is everyone talking about kimchi?

In the run up to the release of the second series, “kimchi” has been the breakout term fans of the show are searching for online. 

“Why?” you may ask. Well, in the trailer, one of Otis’ school friends can be seen asking why his semen “tastes of kimchi”. 

So clearly either people are suffering with the same problem, or they are not familiar with the Korean side dish made up of salted and fermented vegetables. 

So, can I watch the trailer?