Erm, What Are These Sex Positions Love Islanders Are On About?

The Oyster? The Broken-Eagle? They even sound exhausting.

Conversations about your type, red flags, and dating history can only mean one thing: Love Island is back.

The Majorcan villa is once again open to Britain’s most tanned, toned and primed.

So expect to be tired of hearing “tall, dark, and handsome” a lot this week, and if you’re one of the girls chatting to new boy Luca, then, well, expect to be asked about fave sex positions.

Wasting no time, the fishmonger, 23, aptly named Luca Bish, asked the girl he was coupled with, Paige, about her go-to move in the bedroom.

Paige declared hers to be the Broken Eagle – when a person lies on their stomach with one leg bent and the other straight (so basically just lying there while their partner does the work).

This position is a variation of other Eagle faves including the Spread Eagle touted by former Islanders such as Curtis Pritchard (this is similar to missionary but involves the receiver spreading their legs while being penetrated).

Luca’s answer was a bit more fishy (sorry). He opted for the ‘Oyster something’ presumably the Viennese Oyster. And if you’ve never heard of it, you’re not the only one.

For those in the know, the move consists of the person receiving to lie on their back with their legs up. The giver then grabs the legs and can either poke their head through the legs or put it the side on their shoulder – Luca prefers the former.

This position allows for deep penetration, but probably not best if you’ve just had a large meal, especially if the giver wants to push the legs inward.

If you really want to get in there, the giver can stretch the legs towards the receiver’s head while the receiver raises their bum. For those who enjoy clitoral stimulation, the position also allows for them to help themselves out too.

The above positions might have you scratching your head and thinking “What happened to the good old days of missionary and 69?” but don’t worry, there are easier variations. According to sex and pleasure info website Bad Girls Bible, there are simpler moves to achieve.

These include the Anvil which is similar to the Viennese Oyster but you don’t have to bend your legs quite as far in this position, instead leaving them relaxed on the penetrator’s shoulders.

There’s also Deep Impact in which the receiver lies on their back with legs rested on their partner’s shoulders, with their butt on the giver’s thighs while being penetrated.

And then there’s Launch Pad where it’s the same as the above but the receiver’s feet are on their partner’s chest.

So, will you be trying any of these out?