These Are The Sexiest Things People Have Ever Been Told In The Bedroom

NSFW, obviously😳

Trying to master the art of dirty pillow talk (that doesn’t make you cringe or leave your partner wanting to make a swift exit) can be really tricky.

So in a bid to help each other avoid toe-curling embarrassment, Reddit users have been asking what are the best things someone has ever said to them in bed, and (unsurprisingly) the thread has been inundated with responses.

Start taking some notes, people.

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1. “My last girlfriend had (amongst a bunch of other insults), said I was mediocre in bed, so I relayed this info to a [new] girl I was seeing, and asked her if she wanted some casual, mediocre sex. We laughed about it together, then she asked me if I was serious about it, and of course I was. Halfway through the act she moaned in my ear - ‘mediocre my ass’ - it still gives me chills.”

2. “Early on in our relationship, like the third or fourth time we had sex, my girlfriend and I finished simultaneously and she yelled: ‘Oh my god you fucking perfect man!’ That was a good one.”

3. “While we were doing it, he accidentally moaned (like, really moaned) and that was probably the best compliment/thing a guy can do during sex. Guy moans. Just hhnnnggg.”

4. “My current boyfriend often asks for consent. It sounds lame...but it’s fucking hot. I’d never had someone be so explicit about asking. I mean, it’s always been there - you can give some very non-verbal (or at least non-words) consent indicators. And I’ve maybe had a guy try something new and go ‘is this okay’ or whatever. But him going: ‘Is it okay if I fuck you now?’ when we were in the middle of heavy making out foreplay - holy crack, that was amazing.”

5. “Once after orgasm, my wife collapsed onto me and said: ‘I’m not going to be able to move or feel anything for a while’.”

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6. “I was about to do the horizontal tango with a girl, when she stopped me, looked at me with a bit of fear in her eyes and told me ‘I’ll try my best, but that’s really big’. Nothing puts a bit of swagger in your step like that.”

7. “Was with my ex at the time, I’ve always been really self-conscious about my love handles, he placed his hands on top of them while I was on him he said: ‘These are so beautiful, now I have to show you what they are used for.’ Then pushed deeper into me. It was sexy low key. I’m not self-conscious about my love handles anymore.”

8. “Her voice cracking while she was moaning. I didn’t know how to process the pride I felt, still one of my fondest X-rated memories.”

9. ″‘You’re so fucking pretty’. We were just going at it like normal and I slowed down a a bit, and it came out of nowhere. For context, I’m a dude who has never really been described as ‘handsome’, let alone ‘pretty’. I don’t know why exactly but hearing her say it made me feel really nice, much more so than if she’d said I was handsome or just hot.”

10. ″‘I think I could fall in love with you’. I reacted by working extra hard.”