Shakira Reveals If Jam Jar Story About Ex Gerard Piqué’s Alleged Cheating Is True

The viral rumor about Shakira being tipped off by a condiment is finally getting cleared up.

Shakira isn’t one to mince words — and has only two about the viral jam jar theory of 2023.

The Hips Don’t Lie singer endured rampant speculation when she and retired soccer star Gerard Piqué divorced after 11 years together — and a batch of interviews and music videos suggested she discovered his alleged cheating due to a jar of jam.

“Not true,” Shakira told The Sunday Times in an interview over the weekend.

The former couple first met when Piqué appeared in Shakira’s music video for Waka Waka, the official song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The celebrity parents share two kids, and asked for privacy for their sake in announcing their split in June 2022.

That request went out the window six months later when an outlet called ShowNews Today claimed Spanish TV show Socialite revealed Shakira returned home from a trip to find someone had eaten her strawberry jam — which Piqué and their kids reportedly didn’t like.

While he hasn’t admitted to cheating, Piqué started dating 23-year-old model Clara Chia Martí shortly after the split. Shakira, whose music video for Te Felicito saw her opening a fridge to find a decapitated head inside, has since dropped several brutal breakup songs.

Shakira even quoted former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright to shade Martí — and said “there is a special place in hell reserved for those women who don’t support other women” — amidst a public back-and-forth between her fans and those supporting Piqué.

Shakira and Piqué with their children, Milan and Sasha, in 2017.
Shakira and Piqué with their children, Milan and Sasha, in 2017.
James Devaney via Getty Images

Shakira, who claimed she learned about the alleged affair while her father was hospitalized after a fall, endured further strain from a serious tax fraud trial. After settling on the first day in court and moving to Miami, however, she’s now focusing on music once again.

Shakira is releasing a new album Friday entirely in Spanish, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (or “Women No Longer Cry”), and told the Times it’s about “the transformation of pain into creativity, frustration into productivity, anger into passion” and “vulnerability into resilience.”

“There were so many pieces of my life that crumbled in front of my eyes and I had to rebuild myself in a way, picking up the bones from the floor and putting them all together,” she told the outlet. “And the glue that kept it all together was music.”


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