“OK, and imagine what J.Lo would have said if I was the third [performer]!”
In her Netflix documentary Halftime, the music superstar talks about her frustrations over the time constraints of 2020's co-headlining performance.
The former couple have said their two children are their "maximum priority" in their separation.
Sometimes dolphins, puffins and monkeys don’t care how many Grammys you’ve nabbed, or whether your last film was praised at Cannes.
Including stunning choreography, a surprise appearance from J-Lo's daughter and even a political message.
The Colombian singer will co-headline the Halftime Show with Jennifer Lopez in 2020.
The singers announced the exciting news on their respective social media pages Thursday.
"Sometimes it’s very hard when you cannot see your sons for a month or even more."
The 15-year-old suffered three heart attacks.