'X Factor': Honey G Defended By Sharon Osbourne, Ahead Of Live Shows

'People want to see more of her… even if they say they don’t.'

Sharon Osbourne has stuck up for her controversial ‘X Factor’ act Honey G, insisting she’s deserving of her place in live shows.

Earlier in the series, Honey G won over viewers with her unique take on Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’ during auditions, but the tide has certainly turned since then, with a lot of fans complaining that she’s taking up a spot in the competition that could have gone to a more deserving hopeful.

However, Sharon has now defended herself from the backlash, revealing she thinks Honey G is as much of a contender as anyone else in the contest.

<strong>Sharon Osbourne</strong>
Sharon Osbourne
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Defending the aspiring rapper in Friday’s (7 October) ‘Good Morning Britain’, she said: “Hand on heart it’s about entertaining people and Honey G whether you love her or you don’t love her entertains.

“She has her own unique way of rapping and people want to see more… [even if] they say they don’t, they do.”

<strong>Good grief</strong>
Good grief

Honey G also spoke about how she deals with so-called “haters”, insisting: “Obviously there’s gonna be haters everywhere you go, even people who are very, very famous still have haters. I see the haters popping and, you know, I don’t take any notice of them. They just need to check themselves, you know?”

So there we go. A message to any haters who feel like “popping”. Don’t.

Honey G isn’t the only act whose spot in the ‘X Factor’ live shows has raised eyebrows among fans, with Louis Walsh’s choice to put Brattavio through also proving to be controversial.

‘The X Factor’ live shows kick off on Saturday (8 October) at 8pm on ITV.

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays from 6.40am on ITV.

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X Factor 2016

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