The 2 Places You Should Never Put Your Baby Down To Sleep, Unlike 70% Of UK Parents

These locations are considered very risky and linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
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Parents have been warned not to let their infants sleep in items not designed for sleep following a survey, or their child is at further risk of SIDS.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the term to describe the unexpected death of a baby where there is no explanation. The Lullaby Trust released data last week that showed the items parents use to let their infants sleep in — the shocking numbers have led to the warning.

The survey showed that over two-thirds of parents allowed their baby to sleep in items not suitable for sleep.

So, where are babies being put to sleep?

A huge 70% let their baby sleep in a bouncer, with 67% allowing them to sleep in a swing.

Alongside this, and a further 61% let their baby sleep on a bean bag. The most worrying part of the survey was 8% let their baby sleep in these items for overnight sleep.

The Lullaby Trust has advised if a baby does fall asleep in these items, you should move them to a flat surface such as a cot or moses basket. According to the NHS your baby should be sleeping in either of these places as it’s the safest place.

What is allowed in the cot?

The NHS also advises not to put any toys, blankets or pillows in the cot or moses basket as this could put your child at risk of SIDS.

Though this is advised, according to the survey 81% of parents had unnecessary items in their baby’s sleep space, such as soft toys and pillows.

This could could restrict their baby’s airway or cause them to overheat, says The Lullaby Trust.

Jenny Ward, Chief Executive of The Lullaby Trust says: “Babies are safest sleeping on their back on a clear, flat, firm sleep surface, like a cot or Moses basket. This not only helps to reduce the risk of SIDS but also helps to keep a baby’s airway open and clear. However, we know that babies can and do fall asleep in places not designed for them to sleep in.

“Many parents find products like baby bouncers and swings useful for when their baby is awake and supervised, but they are not suitable for babies to sleep in. All parents must be made aware of how to protect their baby’s airway, especially when they’re asleep.

“If a baby falls asleep in an item that keeps them propped in a sitting position, like a swing or bouncer, it’s best to move them onto a clear, firm, flat surface to help keep their airway open. Even if a baby is awake, it’s still important to make sure their head is not tipped forwards and their nose and mouth are not covered to keep their airway clear and protect their breathing.”

Help and support:

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